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When life becomes a drag, I dance

Sweat it out

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Name: Ally
Age: 19
Birthday: April 4th
Location: Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Sexual Preference: Straight
Height: 5'7"
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Blonde with lightened black in the back
Favorite bands: Panic! At The Disco, Linkin Park, Simple Plan, Green Day, Black Eyed Peas
Favorite movies: Aladdin, X-Men 2, Harry Potter Series, A Walk to Remember, Legally Blonde
Religion: None
Smoke: Yes
Drink: No
Drive: No
Job: No
Piercings/tattoos: One in each ear and 2 tattoos
Favorite type of music: Everything
Favourite animal: Elephants and Tigers
Food you love: Pizza and Ice Cream
Food you hate most: Mushrooms and Olives
Favourite T.V Shows: Anything on Family Channel (basically everything), Family Guy, Futerama, Simpsons, Dexter, Gossip Girl
Name a singer you like: Faith Hill, Miley Cyrus
Name a singer you hate: Ashlee Simpson and Good Charlotte (I dont care if they said singer because GC just sucks :P lol)

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How`s my pregnancy doing?

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